Vacuum Sealing Machine

Vacuum Sealing Machine

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Based in Delhi, we are involved in manufacturing high quality packaging machines for various small and large industries. We offer a digital display on our Vacuum Sealing Machine for user-friendly operation. Besides there are some preset programs in them in times of failure. The electrical protection system in our machines is quite appreciable. We have also incorporated an emergency stop button in our machines for users' convenience. The contact parts in our product have been made from stainless steel to ensure safe sealing without contamination.

Vacuum Sealing Machine – Essence for Various Industries 

Vacuum sealing machine is essential for storing food in a vacuum. This enhances the shelf-life for refrigerated and pantry foods. Also, the machine is useful for different sealing purposes. It is designed to be operator friendly, safe and sturdy. The proven design and advanced electrical components ensure better efficiency and productivity. The machine is suitable for plastic poly bag, polythene, etc. It has dependable microprocessor based technology. The machine is a compact, simple & cost-effective unit for effective sealing. 

Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Machine:
  • Sensor based system offers accuracy
  • Robust and safe design 
  • Electrical protection systems
  • User-friendly with digital display  
  • Good combination of temperature, pressure & time